Using the Q121 Impulse Responses in your DAW

In order to use the IR files you just downloadded will need to add them to a convolution reverb in a DAW of your choice. We have put together some tutorials for using both the binaural IR files and ambisonic B-Format/AMBIX IR files. Select a tutorial below. (Ableton Live and Reaper coming soon.)

Learn more about Stage 1 and the Impulse Responses

A behind the scenes look at Stage 1 and some really useful information about what’s coming next!

What if i'd rather just download the files without using the selector?

If you’d prefer to just download the files, you can do so from our cloud drive – although we would recommend using the selector above to give you a better idea of where the IR files were recorded.

If you are on a mobile device then this is probably the best way – although, again, we would suggest using a desktop computer for the best experience.